Generative Nft Tutorial

Worked through a decent tutorial on generative NFTs (Part 1 & Part 2). It took me all the way from generating random mutants to getting them on the OpenSea testnet. However, I did run into a problem with the provided code. A few ids needed to be in hexadecimal; so, I forked the repo and made the appropriate changes.

First Thingiverse Model

I’ve been having a lot of fun 3D printing items I’ve found on Thingiverse; however, I created my first actual model file, based on the Red Crow Brewing logo.

Second Patent

I have a second patent, thanks to my work at Lexmark on the sharing of contextual information across applications.

First Patent

Prior to leaving Lexmark, I authored two patents applications (discussed here and here). One of these has been made a full patent.

Eleve Dancewear Product Customizer

I recently completed a neat project for Eleve Dancewear. The JavaScript I wrote allows fabric customization of their dancewear products.

Third Public Patent Application

The third patent application I was a part of is now public in the USPTO search. Systems and Methods for Sharing Context Among Standalone Applications The goal is to provide a system where system-wide contexts can be set and apps can set notifications based on that contextual information. Let’s say you’re looking at a house to buy in one app. That app could set the context and provide address information. A subscribed maps app could proactively provide a notification with the distance to the address.

Second Public Patent Application

The second patent application I was a part of is now public in the USPTO search. System and Methods for Facilitating Communication Among a Subset of Connections that Connect to a Web Application For context, if you are in Gmail in both Firefox and Chrome, you wouldn’t be able to communicate between those two instances and know they’re from the same machine. That’s because, in general, web developers can’t reliably know that two sessions are coming from the same machine.

First Public Patent Application

The first patent application I was a part of is now public in the USPTO search. System and Methods for Retrieving Content Based on Context in a Mobile Environment Let’s say you wanted to configure your maps application to monitor your favorite ‘homes for sale’ app for a home’s address and provide the estimated travel time automatically. This application describes a way of allowing applications to monitor other applications for contextual information such as that.

KC Business Journal - People on the Move

My transition to blooom has been noted in a Kansas City Business Journal section about ‘people on the move.’